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I'm Judy Wearing. I write. I educate. I think. Not necessarily in that order.

What I Do

I’m a writer and educator. I’m also a PhD student in education at Queen’s University. In 2017 or so, I’ll be a science education academic, assuming all goes according to plan. Meanwhile, when I'm not researching creativity, I continue to write books, and peddle myself as a curriculum developer. I like working with good people.


Who I Am

I’m a human who is curious about what this means. Sometime in my twenties, while working on a PhD in evolutionary biology at Oxford, I decided to dedicate my life to education. Being a director for not-for-profit education agencies was rewarding, as was a stint as head of product development for an educational publisher. The twenty odd non-fiction books for children I've written taught me to communicate complex concepts in few words. The hundreds of learning activities developed for museums and education organizations were a fulfilling creative outlet. So were articles for magazines like Canadian Geographic. My book about failure and success, Edison’s Concrete Piano, taught me who to trust when it comes to judging creativity: no one.


My Work

Right now, I’m most enthralled with how we might improve opportunities for student creativity in classrooms.In my spare time, I'm working on a book about body hair. Explore recent projects below.

Some Writing

Cool Electronics, (e)Affect Research Magazine, Queen’s University, Issue 4, 2013
What if you had to kill your own food? The Globe and Mail, November 22nd, 2012
A Familiar Stranger, Canada Writes,, November 20th, 2012
Solar panels for all seasons, Canadian Geographic, June 2012
Time for a Nap, Your Workplace, 2011

Web sites:
Golden Opportunities, Chinese Canadian Stories,, 2012
Canada's Polar Life,, 2000

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